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17 Feb 2000
From: Ann Harrison

Items to be Opened

17 Feb 2000
From: Ann Harrison

We are moving ahead with plans to open the Interbase sources. The engine, the utilities, and a couple internal applications will all be made available.

The replication and ODBC driver will not be made available in source form. They were created by other companies, which still hold the copyrights.

However, here's the list, with the usual caveats that nothing is final and if it doesn't happen, your only recourse is to flame me.

  1. Engine
  2. Guardian
  3. Server-side client interface
  4. Client-side client interface
  5. IBX
  6. InterClient
  7. InterServer
  8. IBConsole
  9. ISQL
  10. WISQL
  11. gdef (DDL module, added 21 Feb)
  12. qli
  13. gbak
  14. gfix
  15. gpre
  16. gsec
  17. marion (source code management system)
  18. tcs (test control system for regression testing)
  19. makefiles etc. for all the above
  20. internals documentation (not clear yet)
  21. user docs source code (not clear yet)
  22. fred (added 21 Feb)
  23. pixis (ditto)
  24. pictor (ditto)
If you know of anything that should be on that list which is not, please .
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