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Developer & Client Tools for InterBase

?New Patch for IB Express Beta

10 May :: New patch released (4.1) for IBX (Delphi 5) to install AFTER installing the Delphi 5 update. It addresses some of the more serious bugs in Update 4.0. Jeff Overcash's goal is to be updating IBX every 3-4 weeks.

IB Objects Reaches out to Open Source Developers

2 May :: Jason Wharton announces plans to share his connectivity architecture with Open Source developers.

?PHP3 Tutorial

21 April :: Vince Duggan put up his tutorial for PHP3 and InterBase. What it is NOT is a bunch of insider tricks for PHP experts. What it IS is a complete introduction to this technology on Linux and Apache, using the Release 5.x InterBase for Linux.

The tutorial itself speaks for the technology, as it is written in...yep...PHP3 and InterBase. You can even contribute to its development by adding your own comments interactively, right there on the Web site.

?IBPerl 0.8

17 April :: Bill Karwin's new release of IBPerl Beta 0.8 is mirrored on this site! A bugfix was uploaded 27 April.

Catch up with what Bill has been doing on his new IBPerl site.

?Free UDFLib for IB6

MER Systems has a free UDFlib for InterBase 6.0 Linux, a user-defined function library for InterBase.

It adds more than 60 functions to triggers, stored procedures and sql statements. Support for UDFlib is handled in the UDFlib newsgroup


  1. download the files (<50k).
  2. in the root of your linux box do
    tar -xvzf udflib.tar.gz
  3. change to the /tmp/udflib directory and follow the instructions in the readme file.
  4. the manual/help files are in the /tmp/udflib/htmlhelp directory.

?Replication Engine for IB 5.x

Synectics uploads a beta of its full IB 5.x port of the Replication engine for Windows and Linux platforms, including the NT Service version which was included in the IB 6 port, but has been missing from the IB 5.x port.
Other 5.x ports soon...
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Not an InterBase tool, exactly, but very handy on the desktop, top-rated 'sticky notes' freeware.?? New version 3.2 released 10 May 2000.
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