Links to and info about Interbase 6 and related binary downloads.

IB 6.0 Open Binaries

6.0 Beta License Extension to 1-AUG-2001

13 Jul 2000 :: The following licenses will extend the 6.0 beta kits until August 1, 2001. Please read the installation instructions for the licenses.

Installation Instructions

  1. If using a SuperServer kit; shut down the server at this time. Nothing is required here if you are running a Classic kit.

  2. Find and copy the text file ib_license.dat to ib_license.bak
    1. For Unix the file is /usr/interbase/ib_license.dat
    2. For Windows it resides in the root InterBase install directory
    3. Open ib_license.dat in a text editor

    4. Delete the current contents of the file

    5. Copy the license for your platform from this page into the ib_license.dat file and save it.
      • The license will only work if it is on one line.
      • Delete all carriage returns so that the license is on one line.

    6. If running Superserver; start the server using the ibmgr utility.
    Note: The complete license MUST be on one line. It will NOT work otherwise

    • Windows License
      PRODUCT INTERBASE, OPTIONS ACDEILQRSW3, VERSION WI-B6.0, CERTIFICATE 100, UNTIL 1-AUG-2001, ID VAR-12561, KEY c8-fa-b7-14, COMMENT 6.0 beta extension

    • Linux License
      PRODUCT INTERBASE, OPTIONS ACDEILQRSW3, VERSION LI-B6.0, CERTIFICATE 100, UNTIL 1-AUG-2001, ID VAR-12563, KEY 9f-f9-b7-14, COMMENT 6.0 beta extension

    • Solaris License
      PRODUCT INTERBASE, OPTIONS ACDEILQRSW3, VERSION SO-B6.0, CERTIFICATE 100, UNTIL 1-AUG-2001, ID VAR-12562, KEY 8d-fa-b7-14, COMMENT 6.0 beta extension

IB 6 Beta Installation on Win2K

13 June :: A fix is on the way for a reported problem for some installations on Win2K, involving the Microsoft Visual C run-time libary (MSVCSRT.dll) and a bug in the Win Installer which allows an older version of the library to overwrite a newer one.

In the meantime, the workaround for Win2K installations is to unzip the installation kit and, before running the setup, overwrite the file with a COPY of the one that is currently installed in your ..\System32 folder.

More news and downloads as soon as they are available.

Connection Fix for IB 6.0 Beta Linux SS

24 May :: New InterClient 1.51 Build for 6.0 Beta Linux Superserver kit fixes the "Connection lost to pipe" errors when attempting a connection to SS.
Read the tech info
Get the download

New Patch for IB Express Beta

10 May :: New patch released (Beta version 4.1) for IBX (Delphi 5) to install AFTER installing the Delphi 5 update. It addresses some of the more serious bugs in Beta version 4.0. Jeff Overcash's goal is to be updating IBX every 3-4 weeks.

Get Build 579 of the Windows Beta gds32.dll.
  • First Beta test releases (separate downloads for Classic and Superserver* versions) of InterBase 6.0 for Linux (with the Release 6.0 Beta client for Windows).
    The kit comes in two flavors - gzipped TAR format and Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) format.
    NOTE: The Classic version TGZ file needs the separate INSTALL script file. The Superserver TGZ pack contains the INSTALL script

  • Current Beta kit of the NT version (now free of all previous NDA restrictions)

  • Solaris Beta kit
  • *BSD port of InterBase 4.0, by Rios Corporation of Japan, is available to download.
    Geoffrey Speicher provides instructions for running the IB 6.0 Linux Beta on FreeBSD 4.0 - click here.

    Do you want a release 6.0 port to *BSD? Add your views to the *BSD survey.

The Linux kits require Linux Kernel 2.2.12 and glibc 2.1.


  • This site (California)


    1. Linux Classic version (Red Hat) (3.78 Mb)
    2. Linux Classic version (.TAR) (3.8 Mb)
    3. TGZ INSTALL script for Linux Classic TAR version (14K)

      *?The IBConsole does not support the 'classic' versions. The command-line tools do work.

      If you wish to use a console-style Windows GUI interface with this version, you may download (see below) the free IB_WISQL application that uses IBObjects to access the API.

    4. Linux Superserver version (Red Hat) (3.78 Mb)
    5. Linux Superserver version (.TAR) (3.8 Mb)
    6. Linux InterClient 5.1 (.TAR.GZ) (1.2 Mb)
    7. ReadMe File (on Windows, open in Wordpad)

    Windows NT

    1. QLI Utility (205 Kb)
    2. IB 6.0 Beta Server for WinNT (7.25 Mb)
    3. Windows Client (5.6 Mb)
    4. Windows Client Library - build 579 (360 Kb).
      7 March 2000::This new build replaces the existing gds32.dll in the Client kit, a fix for the 'AV on exit' problem with Delphi and BCB client apps.


    • IB 6.0 Beta Server for Solaris (2.7 Mb)

    HP, Sco and Netware


    • Migration Guide (400K)

  • InterBase Home (California)

  • Mer Systems (Canada)

  • Softgen (Australia)

  • IB_WISQL (IBOBjects free console-style GUI)

  • The newest Beta 6.0 version of the user manuals is available for downloading from the InterBase site and some mirror sites.?? Download here (10+ Mb)


The install script looks for a '.tgz' file to perform the install.
When performing the TGZ install do:

  • Change the perms on the install file to executable. (eg. chmod 777 ./install)

  • cp ./InterBaseLI-B6.0.tgz /usr

  • cp ./install /usr

  • /** ./install **/
    ./install /usr/InterBaseLI-B6.0.tgz
    /** you will be prompted for the ib install dir **/

  • /usr
This is a migration guide for getting to ODS 10 - some helpful stuff.
Please keep in mind that this file is considered beta quality just like the new Linux release.

Proprietary Unixes
The Getting Started guide states that the default install for a Solaris package is in /usr. It has been pointed out that the only place for vendor-supplied stuff is in /opt and files that change in size should be in /var/opt.

Dave Schnepper notes:
Interbase's default location on Unix is /usr/interbase - this predates the modern tradition of /opt and /var on Solaris. The default can be overridden with the use of $INTERBASE* environment variables.

Certainly this is something that can be looked at and modernized - post-open-source. (At the cost of backwards compatibility for customers used to having it in /usr/interbase).

The physical install location can be in /opt - but, by default, a slink would still be needed from /usr/interbase

Engine versions and the 6.0 Windows client:
Contrary to previous warnings about client incompatibility, please take note of the following:

A v6.0 client can attach to a v5.x server. It throws a warning and then sets the client dialect to 1, thus making v6.0 datatypes unavailable.

on InterBase architecture.
Interbase Corp tech team is participating.

Open IB Logo
Click here for a high-level overview of the source code.
Free UDFLib for IB6
MER Systems has a free UDFlib for InterBase 6.0 Linux, a user-defined function library for InterBase.

It adds more than 60 functions to triggers, stored procedures and sql statements. Support for UDFlib is handled in the UDFlib newsgroup


  1. download the files (<50k).
  2. in the root of your linux box do
    tar -xvzf udflib.tar.gz
  3. change to the /tmp/udflib directory and follow the instructions in the readme file.
  4. the manual/help files are in the /tmp/udflib/htmlhelp directory.