Who Uses InterBase?

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Case Studies

A small collection of links to case studies involving Interbase.

  • MusiGuide
    Musiguide is an on-line guide to musical recordings, developed with InterBase, Delphi and IBObjects. The database stores around 300,000 albums, three million tracks, eleven million personal profiles and much much more. The complete base has more than 30,000,000 records and a file size of 2.5 Gigabytes.

    It is a rather huge and amazing database, with InterBase returning all records for a specified artist in less than a second. Author: .

  • National Semiconductor
    Many years ago, when National Semiconductor first commenced manufacturing, its facilities were centralized. Design, engineering, production and shipping were all located in Santa Clara, CA. To store critical information about production specifications and manufacturing processes for each assembly, production engineers created a manual binder system.

    Over time, as products and processes matured, an enormous volume of information was accumulated in these binders—including technical specifications, assembly diagrams, marketing materials, letters, photographs, customer data and quality control sheets. Although some structured data was stored in legacy mainframe databases, the binders were the only central repository for all of the information on a specific product or line.

    In a creative approach using InterBase and the World Wide Web, National Semiconductor found a way to create a virtual binder to service its rapidly expanding field organization.

  • New York City
    The Division of Disease Intervention is investing in a new system that will first support the Tuberculosis (TB) bureau. The World Health Organization estimates that 3 million people die from TB each year—making it the number one killer among communicable diseases. In order to capture the mountains of data, run analyses, and produce informative reports to combat the disease, the City of New York's Department of Health selected InterBase. InterBase fit the bill because it could scale and grow with the ever increasing demands of health officials and research teams.

  • Coors Brewing Company
    • Coors planned a series of Business Development Workshops for its distributors.

    • Coors evaluated Sellpoint Decision Management Software, built with Delphi and InterBase, and based on the selling strategies of industry consultant John Spencer.

    • Sellpoint software helps distributors track sales by route and by customer, establish objectives for sales routes, and determine the effectiveness of sales promotions.

  • Office Furniture USA Inc.
    Office Furniture USA (OF-USA) is a wholesale furniture distributor serving a growing network of 150+ franchised dealers.

    They commissioned Atlanta-based United Systems Incorporated (USI) to develop TripleNet, a combined Internet/intranet/extranet system with InterBase at the back end of its powerful Order Entry and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) e-Commerce modules.

  • T. Rowe Price
    Managers at T. Rowe Price planned a major software enhancement to the existing retirement planning kit offered, and asked a prominent design firm to develop a prototype. The design firm produced a graphical interface Machintosh prototype with partial functional navigation but without the business rules.

    TRP's IT department transferred Macintosh Director scripts to InterBase tables and used Delphi to build a robust analysis engine and re-create the application's custom design. Developers met demanding schedule goals and delivered the finished project in just 6 months.

  • UK Treasury
    The UK Treasury needed to improve its ability to access economic modeling data kept on its mainframe system. Introducing a PC-based office automation system, the Treasury decided to phase out the mainframe and move all its statistical applications to a client/server platform, choosing InterBase as the database server for the Delphi analysis engine.

    The client/server system proved equal in reliability to the mainframe, while being much faster, and far less costly to maintain.