Draft of InterBase Public License
Useful Technical Links
Die Interbase Entwickler Initiative (Deutsch)
About Open-Source Licensing - A Collection of Facts and Links
Open-Source Round Table - community discussion that preceded the choice of the Mozilla Public License
IBDI Topics Forum - community comments on various specific issues
InterBase Roadmap (C. Valderrama's InterBase Chronology)
Join an Open Forum
The Cathedral and the Bazaar, classic paper on open source programming by Eric S. Raymond
Doc Searles' conversation with Inprise CEO Dale Fuller
What the IB community thinks about open-sourcing Interbase
Open-sourcing Interbase - Ed Popkov
November 1998 issue of the e-Zine ' Release 1.0', a special issue on Open Source which is a must for all to read.
InterBase Nordic - support site for InterBase users in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden
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Useful Technical Links

InterBase on-line language reference

Transcript of Bill Karwin's presentation Ten Things You Can Do to Make IB Scream (PDF file, Acrobat Reader, use 'Save As..' from browser to download. 54K)

InterBase Knowledgebase

Dunstan Thomas InterBase Site - download tools, articles and more.

Mer Systems Site InterBase technical resource - Tech Info Sheets (InterBase FAQ), join the famous mailing list with searchable archive, download free tools.

Bill Karwin's IBPerl site. Download the 0.8 Beta software and documentation. There are several mirror sites, including this one!

Downloading InterBase 5.6 for Windows NT
If you have licenses for 4.x or higher, you can download the 5.6 release free from the following sites and use existing licenses. Paths are case-sensitive. Download type: Binary. File size: 27.8Mb.

Linux users: sorry, different rules! Contact your agent.

For the list of bugs fixed in 5.6, click here.