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A page of files or links containing tips, tricks, techniques, practices and 'gotchas' that InterBase users found 'Really Useful'.

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A digest of features of two data access component suites - InterBaseXpress and IB Objects - for connecting your application to the InterBase API.
Link :: Click here :: from :: various contributors
Dalton Calford shares his solutions to some implementation problems that might affect you - collected from postings to the IB-Architecture list.
Approaching 24 X 7 Service, Hardware Configuration, Server Configuration, Methods for Backing up your Data, Roll-Forward Logging, Replication, Reversing User Actions.
Link :: Click here :: from :: the IB-Architect list
This BAT file (renamed as .txt for downloading purposes), is for doing a nightly backup and restore of a database on an NT platform only. It does the restore to a copy of the production database. My apps accept a parameter pointing to the database. I usually put up a production and training icon on each user's desktop pointing to the respective databases. So I backup nightly, check the backup by restoring to a database and have a fresh, up to date, training database each day.

The file should be generalized (drive and path names, etc) but I find I usually work it through each time adding whatever else I've come across.

The BAT file is really derived from input from several other people whose names I have lost. I apologize in advance to them and acknowledge my debt.

File :: Nightly Backup (4K) :: from ::

A while ago I read some articles written by Bill Todd about Interbase's MGA and record versioning in general that were published in Delphi Informant. I wrote to Bill to ask him if could put the articles up on his web site, which he has kindly done.

Link :: Bill Todd's Articles :: from ::

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