InterBase? Documentation

User Docs

'Official' manuals. The final version of the InterBase 6 manuals (6 volumes, PDF) is currently under embargo because of copyright and ownership issues.

Download the Beta 6.0 version. (10 Mb)

Third-party Books

An initiative got under way in March to write a detailed handbook on InterBase, for hard-copy publication and sale in bookshops. The idea took off and, very soon, developers from all over the world began stepping up to prepare to translate the book as it evolved. By the end of July, 50 translators had formed themselves into teams representing 12 languages, produced outlines from the English original and developed glossaries to standardize terminology for each language.

As from the beginning of August, work has stopped on the book, to be resumed when InterBase's position stabilizes sufficiently to find new sponsorship for the writing.

Read about the InterBase Developer's Handbook.

Sourcecode Docs

Currently, build documentation is being collated by the documentation group in the Firebird project at SourceForge. If you have a special interest in documenting source code, please contact , the coordinator.

Available Docs

  1. On March 14, Ann Harrison released a very high-level overview of the source-code.

  2. Reed Mideke has made some high-level build notes available at his web site.

  3. There is a partly-finished Internal architecture document, written by Deej Breedenburg around 1991. We will get hold of it if we can. This is the best documentation available outside the source code. (The source code consists of around 1.1 million lines in about 140 .C files and 200 .h files so it's an engrossing read.)
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