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InterBase? Source
Under CVS Version Control
on SourceForge

IBDI has now moved its public CVS InterBase? source project to the Firebird project at SourceForge.

It is the interim repository for work and documentation accumulating during the period while new locations are being prepared for the former ISC tree and the prospective new community support company's web site.

You can browse through the CVS source tree by pointing your web browser directly to:

The tree was populated from the source tree originally installed on the Mer Systems site by Rob Schieck. Thanks, Rob, for moving so quickly for us to fill the initial breach!

The build databases are now available from Rob's server.

There is a lot of help stuff on the SourceForge page - easy instructions about CVS, the mailing list, bug reports etc. You might want to copy some stuff from there about CVS access etc.

This tree will be merged into the production version when the production version is moved to a permanent server in a day or two.

Everyone is welcome to participate. The source is available for online viewing of the database and for CVS extraction. We expect to have our first binary builds available soon.

The current focus of changes is to get standard automated and simplified build procedures for each development platform and to attend quickly to fixing any bugs that are showing up in the current release version of InterBase? 6.0.

To get involved with the project you need to contact either me or or . You can also contact us through the SourceForge site. Here's how to access it:

  • set CVSROOT?= :pserver::/cvsroot/firebird
  • cvs logon
    password : interbase
  • cvs -z3 checkout interbase
    - This will get you an interbase subdirectory containing the source.
  • cvs -z3 checkout tools
    - a sub directory tools with source
  • cvs -z3 checkout interclient
    - a sub directory interclient with source.
If you wish to get updated files then you can type:
  • cvs update interbase
If you are in a particular directory and want to get the latest of a particular file you can type:
  • cvs update filename


    cvs diff filename
    - to see changes you have made.

    cvs diff -r1.1 -r1.3 filename
    - to see differences between versions.

Alternatively you can type the cvsroot variable on each command:
  • cvs -d? :pserver::/cvsroot/firebird logon
  • ?cvs -d :pserver::/cvsroot/firebird checkout interbase

    (The above should all be on one line :?cvs -d ..... checkout interbase, and not split as it may appear in some browsers)

There are several modules:

  • interbase - the interbase source with a misc. directory containing the contents of

  • tools - marion source + marion.ddl

  • ibconsole - ibconsole - a couple of units that are being worked on...

  • interclient - interclient source - there are two subdirectories under this one, 16 and 20 for version 1.6 and 2.0 of interclient

  • ibx - empty until the source appears...

Using CVS

If you need info on how to use cvs, please go to for more info, the software and links to other cvs sources. For more documentation, etc., see the links below.

Builders' Mail List

  • There is a new list available at mailman/listinfo/ called ib-build which is about how to build InterBase from the source.

  • The mail group is mirrored in the news server and the group is

Build Databases

The build databases are on-line on the Mer Systems server:

The user ID to access these databases is 'mer' and the password is 'mer'

Any problems - drop a line to

Click here for a high-level overview of the source code.


Thanks to Jim Gunkel, Nick Lothian and Phil Shrimpton for the links.

Tips from Jim and Phil about use on Windows:

  • To extract a .tar.gz file under Windows, use WinZip.

  • The actual CVS 'Server' application will only really work on *NIX based machines, although the Windows version can work 'Stand Alone'. Unless you plan to run your own repository, you will probably not want to install the actual application, but just connect to one.
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