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Bill Karwin 21-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  I have professional experience with C and UNIX since 1988. I also develop in Perl and Java. I'm a skilled technical writer and presenter. I'm interested in designing and implementing minor improvements to the InterBase server and client, to make it easier to manage.
Jason Wharton 21-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  professional Delphi & InterBase expert specializing in client/server application component design and implementation. Co-Founder of IBDI and author of IB Objects.

I'm interested in

  • providing top notch tools in order to deliver the full power and capability of InterBase to the Delphi, C++ Builder and Kylix developers.
  • creating an ODBC driver and OLE DB provider using IBO as the connectivity layer.
  • creating a data migration utility for moving pre-IB6 databases as well as other common db formats to IB6 using IBO as the connectivity layer.
  • testing and assuring the quality of the InterBase engine on WIN NT and LINUX platforms.
I am a die-hard InterBase evangelist who is always willing to stand up and laud the virtues of InterBase in the face of any audience.
Nando Dessena 22-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  I'd like to work on IBConsole and other tools to improve them. Maybe I could work on the components as well.
Thomas Clarke 21-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  I have used Interbase since version 4.0 on NT. I am not a good C programmer but I have a lot of experience with Delphi from 1.0 to 5.0. Perhaps I could help with Technical writing. I could help develop 3rd party tools in Delphi as well.
Pavel Císaø 22-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  InterBase Express and higher level components/frameworks to access InterBase, mostly as crossover from other projects in which I'm involved. I followed the FreeIBComponents from the early days, and I think I have a fairly intimate knowledge of the IB low-level API and FreeIB .
Doug Chamberlin 22-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  I'm not a C/C++ programmer. My interest is in making the right decisions regarding features, communicating those decisions effectively to the developer community, quality assurance, maintaining the spirit of Interbase as a unique product. Perhaps I could act as an organizer/manager of a team. Perhaps as a quality assurance control point, release manager, developer relations contact, etc.
David Schnepper 22-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  Interested in everything (former InterBase R&D engineer). Particularly interested in Internationalization, SQL, ODS, and quality control.
Louis Kleiman 22-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  I worked at Borland/Inprise for seven years up until about 1 1/2 years ago as a System Engineer and Consultant. My expertise is not in engine internals, but in tools and business solutions. I hope to be able to provide some Linux tools for IB in the not-too-distant future.
Amro el-Fakharany 22-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  Although i'm not an expert in C/C++, I'm interested in the engine, 3rd Party Tools and/or Components in Delphi.
Olivier Mascia 22-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  Count me in as willing to help on any design or C/C++ coding tasks.
a) Engine I/O and multi-threading issues on Win32/64.
b) C/C++ client API maintenance and extensions.
Meir Kalter 22-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  I am C++ programmer since 1991. I use for development Visual C++ and CBuilder (preferred). I'm interested in development utilities and some features to the basement of Interbase. I think i can help in the debug of the system.
Mervin Pearce 23-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  We are specifically interested in getting involved in a FreeBSD port as well as Novell NetWare version of Interbase.
Lester Caine 22-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  My interest would be in enhancing the InterBase system to provide information cloning that I'm currently implementing with a cobbled arrangement of IBO, Builder 4 and TCP/IP multicast and broadcast.
Joseph Alba 23-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  I started programming in 1983 on UCSD Pascal. I can do Pascal, C, C++, and XBase languages. My main tool is Delphi (and Clipper, hehe), but I try to keep up my C know how by reading and doing exercises of compiler/file structures/ and database books, and also reading Linux sources. I can do UML.
Aldo Masotti 23-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  Interested in
  • gbak modification to preserve rdb$xxxx modified tables during backup/restore cycle
  • gbak modification to create synchronized copies of multiple databases (same time committed transactions to maintain inter-gdb consistency)
  • modify the "external table" to read/write Oracle tables
  • modify the gds32.dll (client side) to do query against multiple gdb (as BDE does)

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