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Aleksey Aristov 10-May-00
Special Interests :: ?I hope I can help somehow with the Interbase FreeBSD port.
Sita Vincenzo 10-May-00
Special Interests :: ?I'm interested to be the HQ maintainer in Luxembourg, we are 3 programmers, we use Delphi, Cobol, Basic, Clipper but not a lot of C...
Brent Rowland 10-May-00
Special Interests :: ?I am a former C/C++ programmer and a current (3 1/2 years) Delphi programmer. My special interest in Interbase involves character sets and collating orders. I would like to make it easier to serve most or all international locales from a single database, with an emphasis on web connectivity.
Ed Boraas 10-May-00
Special Interests :: ?I will be working on providing official InterBase packages for Debian upon release of the Open Source InterBase. Relatedly, I will be working on testing, security auditing, etc., of InterBase.
Andrey Menshikov 10-May-00
Special Interests :: ?I am an average C & C++ programmer on Win32 and novice in C on Unix. My tasks include the need to program in Perl and Java. I have begun using IB 4.0 for FreeBSD 3.3 and have collided with some problems. Now I am trying to solve them and hope I can be useful to anybody who comes up with similar ones.
Paul Beswick 17-May-00
Special Interests :: ?My experience is 86xasm, C, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic. I have also worked on IBM mainframes (360asm, JCL, CICS, etc.) I am particularly interested in Linux and Novell Netware development. I am a capable technical writer as well. Willing to help in any way.
Marcelo Miorelli 22-May-00
Special Interests :: ?I have a company in Brazil, Govinda Sistemas. Besides InterBase, I use Oracle and Access. I like InterBase very much, I have even made some external functions to use inside stored procedures in InterBase.
I would like to help as time permits, but I think it would be very useful developing a very friendly interface for IB as Access has. I have some other ideas too and I hope to be able to help.
Till Haenisch 23-May-00
Special Interests :: ?I have several years' experience in C++ development and multimedia archives. I'm interested in working on BLOB support (well, I'm especially interested in the support of really large objects/databases up to the terabyte range).
Joao Vieira da Costa 28-May-00
Special Interests :: ?I have professional experience with C since 1987. I've worked with C, Assembly, Fortran, Delphi, C++ in several environments: UNIX, DOS, Windows, ... I've used InterBase in my projects since Delphi 2 and have developed calculation, CAD and GIS for engineering since 1987.
I can help the project in several ways: development of aux routines, user interfaces, ...
Yuri Landgraf 31-May-00
Special Interests :: ?Our company would like to participate in improving Interbase product. We are very excited about Interbase going "open source". For us it's a chance to make Interbase better, and therefore make our future Interbase-based products better too.

In general, our interests lie in the area of InterBase + Java. InterBase requires that only one copy of the InterBase server be running on the computer. Also, the need to install TCP/IP for InterClient to work properly creates a performance bottleneck for database queries. We are interested in getting involved in the development of

  • InterClient JDBC libraries which will support fast, native JDBC connection without TCP/IP or even with no network support
  • versions of InterBase executables to run more than one InterBase server per computer
  • versions for distribution with small-size applications that install easily, start when the application starts and shut down when the app shuts down
  • extension of JDBC functionality towards improving compliance with SQL standards (e.g. supporting the "select column as ..." statement etc.)
Please contact us about any initiatives we could get involved in.
Amornsak Kosantirak 1-Jun-00
Special Interests :: ?I have professional experience with Borland Delphi and Interbase. I want to translate Interbase's User Interface and its User and Developer documentation to Thai Language.
Dmitry Yemanov 22-Jun-00
Special Interests :: ?I've worked with InterBase since 1996. I develop in C++ (preferred) and Delphi. I'm a skilled Windows NT developer specializing in client/server and multi-tiered applications. I'm interested in implementing minor engine improvements as well as extending backup/restore and event mechanisms, making IB friendly with Oracle and MSSQL, developing 3rd party stuff. I also could help with the engine testing on Windows NT and Novell platforms. Besides, I'd like to be useful as a documentation translator (Russian is my native language).
Stephan Beck 20-Jun-00
Special Interests :: ?I am a freelancer working with c++ in medical technology (developing device drivers), c++ and java in automation technology. i am interested in working in these two domains.
Tom White 26-Jun-00
Special Interests :: ?I've been doing Delphi / Turbo Pascal for 10 years now. I have done a small amount of C/C++ over the years. I am now a Linux Zealot (tm). I am interested in helping out any way I can, which will probably wind up being testing and documentation.
Sarat Adiraj 28-Jun-00
Special Interests :: ?I have experience in C/C++, TCL/TK, VB, COM, XPCOM .... to name a few :-) I am interested in developing an OLEDB Provider for Interbase.
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