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Helen Borrie 21-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  System designer, Delphi and Interbase developer (4 years), C and C++ (vintage), co-founder of IBDI, author-editor of the IBDH project, webmaster of this site, potterer with XML in several contexts.
I'm still exhuming old C skills, remembering what it was like to write linear programs. I'm setting up my Linux box so I can have fun with the open source compilers and test out IB6 without blowing up the development dbs on my NT box. I'll reserve on what I might want to do with the source until I see it. I'm pretty experienced at administering voluntary groups and would be happy to contribute to the infrastructure arrangements in any useful way.
Reed Mideke 26-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  When the source is available, I'll be happy to use my experience as the IB build engineer to help with build type issues. I also did some of the install and packaging development, so I can help people who are developing their own installs. I have some ideas of how InterBase could be made more embeddable as well. I'd also like to see the command line tools developed and cleaned up a bit.
Joseph Wecker 27-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  Delphi and Interbase (4 years), C and C++ (6+ years), Windows and Linux, PHP, XML etc., Apache modules, and more...
I'm mostly interested in contributing to make Interbase the defacto standard for ASP's.
I'm also very interested in adding low-level support for storing, retrieving, and parsing XML documents. (Since it seems to me that XML seems to be evolving in the same direction that RDBMS technology was evolving 20 years ago- we might as well make the leap...)
Paul MaC 28-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  I am the CEO of an ISP called Origin Internet Solutions in Australia, with around 10 years experience writing general purpose tools both C++ & Delphi. I would like to register my interest in helping develop one of the most powerful database engines I have come across; Interbase. I am willing to help with any aspect of the product development.

I would simply like to see the Interbase product live on. With some clever marketing and product management, Interbase could easily capture a large portion of the market very quickly.

Vince Duggan 28-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  Chief Architect of Interbase Replication. Will continue to develop Replication functionality into the future.

My other area of interest would be to help develop interfaces to other common open source products, such as PHP, and to ensure that these products are kept up to date with the latest features of Interbase.

Edward Flick 28-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  If possible I would like to put in some kind of paging scheme which would allow it to address data beyond the 32-bat flat format in one file. As I'm still learning C++, I don't fully know the extent to which I could help with source code development. Although I can't really write the best C source I can read it very well. My past programming experience has taught me enough to know concepts, at least, but I would have to see the source before I could say whether I would be useful as, say, a documenter.
Gilbert Catipon 02-May-00
Special Interests ::  I worked at Borland/Interbase a few years ago as QA and as release engineer. I can help in software release and testing. I would be interested in helping port Interbase to other platforms.
Bob Singleton 25-Apr-00
Special Interests ::  I have started on an IB6 database program integrating Accounting and Contact Relationship Management which we are scheduled for a staged completion later this year. We program in Delphi 5 and will be using Interbase Objects at the component level. Our focus is to provide a a high-end database solution in the Linux environment and I expect the first contact management module to be ready within the next few months.

We will be making the following three modules freely available and available free: General Ledger, Business Rules, Group Manager as well as a SDK. I can promise binaries for now. There might be problems with open-sourcing it because of our use of third-party components.

Carlos Otero Barros 02-May-00
Special Interests ::  Our company has been deploying Interbase 4.2 or 5.x as a solid solution to C/S medical databases all over Spain. Delphi has been our development platform since 1995 and we added Java last year.

We have been looking forward to an open source solution like this and we are willing to do anything we can to enhance Interbase that has given us so many happy hours and almost no problems during all this time.

We are interested in expanding the SQL capabilities with UDFs or any other way that now can be done. A first approach we have been considering is creating an UDF that resembles the string and numeric functions of Oracle`s SQL.

Javier Francisco Ramírez 6-May-00
Special Interests ::  I am a System Engineer with applications experience in databases, graphics computation and Internet. My preferred work tools are C++Builder and Notepad. I'd like to work in the development of the Windows client.
Massimo Trojani 8-May-00
Special Interests ::  I've been developing my own personal database since 1990, focused on deploying efficent shared client/server access to information on mixed multiple UNIX and Windows servers. Client access is via a TP-Monitor-like connection that knows database locations, splits the query into server-specific subqueries (Pushdown) and finally merges the results. The monitor also has a mirror-schema through which read-only queries may connect to the least-loaded server.

My database lacks SQL-92 support so I have to do some heavy work on it before I release it. I'm evaluating products that could help me. "SimbaEngine" has some Pushdown functions but it's too expensive. "MySQL" is fast, but has poor SQL-92 compliance. Now, in evaluating InterBase, I find there isn't any TP-Monitor-like system based on InterBase. I want to investigate the feasibility of porting my TP-Monitor to InterBase, studying its query parser/optimizer and then adding multiserver support.

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