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Olivier Paris 30 Jun-00
Special Interests ::  I'm keen to particpate in tools development. I have already written some InterBase utilities for my own application development work. I could also help with translating technical documents into French.
Dalton Calford 12-July-00
Special Interests ::  Holistic Database design, how elements from one area will impact performance in other areas. Visual designers and database design tools.
Peter Harrison 21 Jul-00
Special Interests ::  I have already developed a Interbase Encryption Proxy - which encrypts Interbase Communications. I would like to make this open source and tie it into a replication system more tightly. I am primarily a Delphi Developer, and am moving to Java Servlets with Interbase on the back end. Oh, and I would like to take a hack at implementing JDBC2 with for the Interbase JDBC Driver (that sounds hard).
Marco A. M. Bessa 23-July-00
Special Interests ::  I'm Network/UNIX/NT 4 systems administrator, programmer in C, C++ , Delphi and I'm very interested in helping to develop the InterBase components.
Darwin O'Connor 24 Jul-00
Special Interests ::  I have done most of my development in Pascal/Delphi but used a variety of languages including a fair amount of C.
My company in interested in starting to use InterBase for our Web Applications and our other products. I am particularly interested in seeing if we can free InterBase from the limitations of SQL to create a much more flexible database server.
I also have a personal interest porting InterBase to OS/2.
Mark Duquette 24-July-00
Special Interests ::  I am a former InterBase R&D engineer interested in the following areas:
  • accessibility (i.e. extensions to the services API) and management
  • command-line tool cleanup
  • helping newcomers understand the code base
  • connectivity (file import / export formats)
  • database migration to IB 6.0 databases
  • Windows NT issues
  • In depth knowledge of IBConsole and all Windows utilities (actually, anything IB and Windows)
Jae Hyuck Lee 25 Jul-00
Special Interests ::  I have worked with Delphi and database for some years. My interest is in the development of web tools for integrating InterBase with Delphi & Kylix.
Maxim Sinev 25-July-00
Special Interests ::  Professional skills of C, C++, SQL, Internet technologies (Java, Javascript). Some system administrator skillset. Intersting to develop a console for easy managing of Interbase via browser or help in other areas which fit my skills.
Giovanni Varasano 26 Jul-00
Special Interests ::  I'm a software consultant and hardware prototypes developer, developing with TCL/TK C and Java.
Torsten Welches 26-July-00
Special Interests ::  Now that the IB sources finally got released I would like to offer my help again. I'm a professional Java developer from Cologne/Germany looking for "my" spare-time open-source project. (InterClient/InterServer - JDBC 2 support and so on...)
Marco Túlio Castro 26 Jul-00
Special Interests ::  I'm developing a KDE interface like a WISQL on Linux. I think it will be usable by the first week of August. I am using KDevelop and QT. If you think that it would be useful, I will be very happy to send the project to the community.
Tom van der Vlugt 27-July-00
Special Interests ::  Despite the fact that I want to keep my hands off the server's source, I'd like to write a GUI tool for Interbase which has similar facility like Access. I use VB 6 pro, Delphi 4 Pro and a little bit of C++ Builder 4 Pro.
Rita Lavoie 31 Jul-00
Special Interests ::  My only interest is that I would like to contribute to translate CONSTANTS and HELP file to French. If needed of course.
Alvaro P. Neto 31-July-00
Special Interests ::  Our company in Brazil deploys high-performance systems with InterBase back-ends. Our development platforms are Delphi (and Pascal OO), C/C++ and more recently Java. We have been looking forward to an open source solution like this and we are willing to do anything we can to enhance Interbase that has given us so many happy hours and almost no problems during all this time. We are interested in expanding the SQL capabilities and applications tools and any other way that can help to make InterBase the world's preferred open RDBMS solution.
Paolo Carfi 31 Jul-00
Special Interests ::  My interest would be on IBConsole and a new Replicator for InterBase.
Andrew Goedhart 5-Aug-00
Special Interests ::  I have been doing work in Delphi, C++ and recently Java for the last 5 years.
I am interested in joining a team working on a realease of JDBC 2 drivers. This I see as important as most of the other packages have full version 6.0 access but Java doesn't and it would be useful for the various open source applications servers we have been looking at.
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