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Feedback - New Topic Suggestions

24 June 2000

Here we publish nearly a month's feedback on the book outline. The Editorial group is about to embark on "exploding" the topics into chapters and sections.

is welcome at this stage - as before, please make IB-BOOK the first word in the Subject of your message.

I think there should be a section dedicated to PHP in "Writing client applications" or in "Developing Internet Solutions".
Maybe there should be an ISAPI/NSAPI topic there too.

(Alfonso RicaŮo Bringas)


Just wanted to point out that php which is very widely used as a web scripting language includes an interface to Interbase.

(Emil Briggs)


What about Interbase and PHP 3.0 ?

(Fabrice Vendť)


I think a chapter about using PHP with Interbase for web application is useful, seeing many of us are using both for their web applications.

(Jilani Khaldi)


I am just wondering why C++ Builder for Linux didn't have its own topic at Part II section : Selecting the client interface.

(Andy Samuel)


By the way, in the MultiTier category, if there's DBOvernet, there should also be MidWare and ASTA in my opinion.

(Berenger Enselme)


If you're going to include a section on dbOvernet, you want to consider a section on the Asta product as well. They compete in the same marketspace. I've done a couple projects in Asta, though we're probably going to start using Midas since Borland's heading that way with Kylix (and with the recent price drop).

(Michael Bonner)


Connecting MySQL to InterBase

(David Devidal)


In section "Using transactions" add topic "Transaction types". This topic will describe short and long transactions and difference between ones.

Maybe in "Understanding Interbase Data Access Components" add topic "Transactions. TIBTransaction component. Using component for updates and select routines"

(Eugene Danilenko)


FreeIBComponents for Delphi users below Delphi 5.

(Nickolay Romanov)


SECTION: Extending InterBase with multiple tiers
  • ..
  • Topic 4: Asta
Topic 5: dbOvernet

(Giannantonio Sonego)


Codepages and character sets

(Glebas Paulevicius)


I would like to see a section on converting applications from the BDE to native InterBase (IBO). which supports 99% of what anyone would conceivably use with the BDE.

I think it would also be an area of intense interest to have a guide to converting applications off of SQL Server, Personal Oracle, MSDE, Access, etc. because with InterBase 6 going open-source royalty-free we are going to get a lot more attention than before. This would just be a natural extension of the guide above.

(Jason Wharton)


I'd sure like to see a discussion on the methods used to handle case insensitive searches, i.e. character sets and collation orders, or using code to deal with the problem.

I've used several products to aid my development but I must admit IBAdmin has to be the best and most "MS-SQL 7" like interface I've seen yet. Marathon is an outstanding tool as well but lacks a CASE tool. In addition Marathon seems a bit more stable. When you produce the book I recommend these two products be put on as evaluation software.

(Joe Canepa)


  1. Booleans
  2. Date Arithmetic
  3. UDF's
  4. CRLF combination / characters
  5. External files
  6. Use of indices
  7. Plans and how they work
(John Hill)


Byte sizes of indexes and metadata in general.

(John Mackerras)


  1. Suggested Naming Standards
  2. Security/Roles
  3. Solving Real World Problems
    • Autoincrementing Keys
    • Selecting N records (Top, Bottom)
    • Cross-tab
    • Guide to Stored Procedure Design
(Kevin Lawrence)


Would like to see a book or section of this book that would be along the lines of the "Learn in 21 days" books from Sams Publishing. Other RDBMS have these start of "start-up" books and it would be nice to have a step-by-step instructional type book or section that will take those of us coming from a Paradox or Access background and get us familiar with IB.

(L. Shepard)


SECTION:Writing multithreaded clients safely
  • Topic 1:IBX and multithreaded clients safely
  • Topic2: IBX and Midas and multithreaded
SECTION:Using transactions
  • Topic1: Database Connects and Database Transactions
  • Topic2: IBX, Midas and transactions
(Luo Yong Wen)


I thought of some "Performing database maintenance" sub-topics, such as:
  • Performance maintenance
  • Understanding database statistics
  • Designing a backup plan
  • Performing backup and restores
For the "Understanding client/server methodology" section, maybe these topics would be appropriate:
  • Record-based vrs. set-based access (discussing lack of "record number" concept, use of primary keys, use of views, etc.)
  • Processes near their data: stored procedures (on the why of stored procedures)
  • Enforcing data consistency: checks and triggers (on how to enforce consistency on the server)
  • Disconnected processing: cached updates (on how to minimize contention and server resources by using cached updates - maybe this could be a section by itself, considering that applying the updates and reconciling errors can be tricky)
(Marcelo Lopez Ruiz)


A section with little application examples, please

(Marco Tammaro)


SECTION: Selecting the client interface
It would be interesting also:
  • Topic 3: Delphi, Borland C++ Builder and the InterBase Express (IBX)
  • Topic 4: Delphi, Borland C++ Builder and IBObjects
    SECTION: Working with Data from Another DBMS
    It would be interesting also:

  • Topic 5: Working with multiple on-line data sources (Interbase + others)
  • Topic 6: Working with multiple on-line data sources (Interbase + Interbase)
  • (Massimo Battiston)


Are generators covered someplace? The fact that they're isolated from Transactions needs to be pointed out as that has it's + and - points.

Anything on blob filters or arrays? Blob filters always seemed to me to be one of IB's features with tremendous possibilities that have barely been explored.

(Michael Bonner)


Have you considered a section to help people in migrating from previous versions of InterBase to the OS generation (what's in, what's out, what changed in the way things are to be done)?

(Nando Dessena)


I'm curious as to what solutions people have come up with for generating reports with IB 6. Of course we could generate "canned" reports (or at least severely limited ones) in our IB embedded applications, but if we wanted to supply a data dictionary of some sort and give the user full report creation capabilities with a 3rd-party stand-alone report generator, what are our options?

(Scott Watson)


How about a "gotchas" section - example is the way IB stores dates with a time element in so that you have to add 1 day to the ending of a date range in a query to ensure you actually catch that last date.

(Roger Pullen)


I have a suggestion for another topic in Section "Integrating with the Open Source World": AOLserver. AOLserver is open-source web server that has embedded Tcl interpreter which talks to very thin database layer, which in turn can speak to InterBase. I know how the thing works because I wrote the driver :-)

(Sebastian Skracic)


I had hard problems with restructure metadata with data or with data under load, and I think this topic will interest many developers.
  • How restructure table with data
  • How restructure constraint (FK, Check,...)
  • Compatibility problem
  • Domains
  • Dependencies
  • Restructure scripts
  • Split/Join tables with data
  • Restore problem (backup after restructure)
(Slavomir Skopalik)


Migrating from interbase 5.x to interbase 6. what are the changes to made in applications, what are the problems when changing the dialect, etc...

A small topic about connection to a interbase-db using the odbc-driver could also be not bad... (maybe this is already part of the visual basic topic?)

The section "Troubleshooting InterBase Clients and Servers" is very important (first of all the topics 2a, 3, 4, 5, 7).

In Part 3, maybe a small section about backup-strategy could be useful...

The section "Our Best Anecdotes" is a very good idea. i hope, that you have many of these anecdotes...
Another section in this part can be a linklist with useful Interbase links...



PART 0: Pros/Drawbacks/Differences of Interbase (in comparison to e.g. Oracle/Access/SQL Server/MySQL) could be some kind of introduction.

Companies that use Interbase.. (US Army, Boeing... etc.. - I don't know them all); Smallest Database created with IB ;-), Largest database created with IB (incl. System it is running on) [I hope I'll see some very impressive numbers!] ?Number of transactions they are serving per minute....? That would also be introduction.. (So that the guy who is reading that book in the shop buys it instead of throwing it back in the shelf and pick a book about MySQL.. ;-) ) Perhaps you can get a statement from the sysadmin with the largest IB-Database runnin' saying something like "IB?! - I just forgot about it"

Will "Topic 10: Extending the server with UDFs " cover "how to program UDFs with Delphi/Kylix or C"? BTW: I think that "programming UDFs" should not be in the first part of the book anyway...

Perhaps you should add a chapter "Back to future....." (or whatever) where you point out which direction IB should(will presumably) take in future, what's not planned, what your wishes are (that might come true) etc. [perhaps Ann could write a part of this?]

The "core" members from Interbase corp. and also co-writers of the book should introduce themselves! And I love to see pictures ;-) even if they are black/white and tiny ) [Ann H, Paul B, Jim S, Steve T, ....... ,Jason W, Bill K, .........] Perhaps you can also put such a "list" on (Like to see some faces)

Part III: I'd love to see a sections of "Dont's".. and "Do's"

  1. Dont use blabla but instead do xxx...
  2. Don't ...
  1. Do use ...
  2. Do ...
How good is the chance that a part of this book is dealing with "IB goes WWW" ? I'd like to see some comments on PHP3 and interbase because I guess this topic is left out in typ. PHP3 books..

Is it also possible to mention Delphi Web Script? I know it's not very popular *g*, but I find it rather useful.. (It's kind of PHP but uses Pascal as language. It's also open source.. Till now it only works on Win (ISAPI) machines, but that will change when Kylix is ready..)

In the appendix there should be a little CVS HOWTO..

Don't forget the MPL 1.1! (Should be somewhere in the appendix)
[Editor note - now IPL 1.x - InterBase has customized the MPL]

Software on companion CD

  • IB DBMS+ Clients, documentation
  • Marathon (may be an older version? but - please - *_no_* "trial version")
  • IBO (for C++-Builder, Delphi 4/5 and Kylix)
  • Interbase DiFference Finder (I love that tool ;-) But perhaps there is a better one available somewhere? )
  • ? Kylix Foundation as a last gift from BOREL ? *g*
  • ISQL Scripts (Date manipulation etc... )
  • Stored Proc debugger
  • ...
Please, please - *no* trial versions! (If I want to get trial versions I buy a magazine...); How about older/special (=only for this book) product versions, but therefore no crippleware / trial versions..

Perhaps the whole book should be published in two (smaller) parts? (with 2 CDs? :-)) )

Please use *small* Code - samples!

(Willi Krenn)


How numbers are truncated, stored and translated between the database and the client

(Daniel Pereira Guimar„es)


Part II - Selecting the client interface.
What about ADO - OLE DB ? AFAIK, Interbase is looking for developers to do OLE DB Provider for Interbase. This would be most useful for MS development tools like VB.

(Andy Samuel)


Part II; Section 5-Using transactions
I think you should have topics on cached vs. non-cached updates. Pros & Cons for each. Why (why not) should they be used. For non-cached transactions, you should have a discussion of: programmed time-out concepts, record versioning, effects of pending transactions on the server, etc.

Part II; Section 6-Calling stored procedures
When should you use stored procedures, why? What do you need to do when something goes wrong (data validation error, etc.)? What can/can not be better done in the client program? What do you need to do when something goes wrong?

(Daniel Basinger)


Erstellung von UDFs mit den unterstŁtzten Tools (Delphi, C++, ...)

(Josef Fuchs)


I think a very interesting topic in the IB Developer Handbook is the replication.

(Juergen Schimmoeller)


I am interested in the object-oriented modelling of customer's problem domain. It will be a good idea, I think, to include some example / case study of a complete object modelling process and its mapping to database structure and algorithms (stored procedures).
I'll be pleased to contribute if possible somehow.



Developing client applications under IIS, with ASP (e.g. VBSCRIPT). (There are problems actually connecting with the ODBC driver for InterBase 5.x.)

(Raymond KOENIG)


'Selecting the client interface' should include PHP, Perl:DBI and JDBC.
'Developing Internet Solutions' and/or 'Integrating with the Open Source World' should cover integration with Apache, PHP and Perl:DBI as well as a comparision/migration guide for MySQL to Interbase.

(Roy Whytock)