InterBase Developer's Handbook: GLOSSARY


Updated 27 June 2000 GMT+10

This page is a list of terms that people think should be in the Glossary of the IBDH. We need to build this list up with some urgency, so that translator teams for the various languages can decide on standard translations for technical terms.

Because of the translation issue, the list is not restricted to InterBase-specific terms.

You are urged to from amongst those which do not appear here. Please make the word "GLOSSARY" the subject of your message.

Add/Addition (operation)
Aggregate (functions)
Alerter (events)
Ann Harrison :)
Application Programming Interface (API)
Array slices

Backup/restore (InterBase-style) Binary tree BLOB Control Structure BLOB Filter BLR Buffer
Caching Cardinality Case-insensitive index Cascading integrity constraints Casting Character set Classic architecture Coercing datatypes Collation order Column Commit Concurrency Constraint Contention Crash Crash recovery Cyclic links
Database DDL Deadlock Degree Deployment Divide/Division DML Domain
Error Error Code Event Exception Execute
Foreign Key
Garbage collection Generator Grant/Revoke
IBO IBX Index Installation InterClient InterServer
JDBC Join Join (left/right/outer/inner)
Key Kill (shadows)
Leaf bucket Limbo (transaction) Locking conflict Lock resolution
Matching (values) Merge Metadata Multi-thread


Non-standard SQL Normalization Null
ODBC ODS Oldest active transaction Oldest interesting transaction Open-source Optimization Outer join/inner join
Parameter Plan Platform Prepare Primary Key Projection
Raise (exception) Read Committed Redundancy Redundant Indexes Relation Relationship Replication Result tables Roles Rollback Row
Schema Schema cache Scrollable cursor Selectivity of an index Service Manager (InterBase) Services API Sets Shadowing and shadows Snapshot Standard SQL Stored Procedure Sub-sets Subtract/Subtraction Superserver architecture Surrogate key Sweep Synchronization (of Threads)
Table Threads ThreadVars Transaction isolation Transitively-dependent (columns) Trigger Tuple
UDF ("User-defined function") Unbalanced index Uninstallation Union Updateable view
Validation Versioning architecture
Y valve